Progressive Recovery Through The Twelve Steps: Emotionally Sober for Life

I’m often asked how Seeing True is related to another of my practices, Progressive Recovery, which is designed to use the Twelve Steps to promote a deepening spiritual recovery. The metanoia, or profound change of heart, that is central to Seeing True is the byproduct of the progressive practice of the Twelve Steps. Seeing True and Progressive Recovery work to the same end.

Recently my newest book was released. Progressive Recovery through the Twelve Steps: Emotionally Sober for Life turns out to be a capstone to my life, not just as a recovering alcoholic, but as a guy who has been called to the Spirit for the whole of my life. In truth, I was surprised to discover that the book represents that calling, albeit through the lens of recovery and the Twelve Steps. I was also surprised by the depth of my feelings about this work and its meaning to me. The foreshadowing for that came in a blog last fall, which related “If it’s your life’s work, it will take your life.

Here is the story of that book, and the experience, strength and hope that led to it. Please pass it on.

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