Seeing True starts with a calling...

Seeing True™ is a moment of epiphany so pronounced that subsequent changes in direction or behavior are dramatically altered for the better. Ron Chapman and Seeing True™ are resources for those seeking guidance and direction as they work through the difficult, but necessary process of seeing and dealing with people, situations, and feelings. This makes it possible to realize potential that was formerly unachievable.

Are you feeling stuck in the areas of your life that matter most?

Do problems or patterns of problems with people, organizations or situations continue to recur or undermine you?

Is there something calling to you to be realized in your life though you do not know how to proceed?


In the Seeing True framework, we focus on transformation as the desired result, and forgiveness and relationships as the spaces in which we practice. By clicking on any of the following three images, you can access free content in any of these areas to learn more.


Deep psychological and spiritual work requires and enables us to be transformed into a new version of ourselves. That state of being was likely always present within us, the inner work simply allows it to be revealed.


Forgiveness is letting go. Letting go is how we forgive. Yet in truth, we are releasing ourselves, not just forgiving. Freedom is the result. It is this forgiveness and resulting freedom that can lead to transformation.


Relationships are our practice ground. Whether we are relating to others, or to the world around us, each of us must do our inner work for ourselves because no one can do it for us. That makes relating possible.

Ron works with people, groups, and organizations

Ron works with people, groups and organizations that have a calling though they may be facing barriers or may not know how to follow the call. If they have the wherewithal to overcome themselves, Ron provides customized coaching, consultation, facilitation, workshops and other guidance to nurture and support the realization of potential.


Philosophy for an Engaged Life

The free content and materials you'll find in this website are an expression of Ron's commitment to you and your transformation.

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Practice for an Engaged Life

Ron provides customized coaching, consultation, online workshops and other guidance to nurture and support the realization of potential.

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Conversations for an Engaged Life

Ron provides keynotes, retreats, workshops and other sessions that dig deeply into the subjects that matter most to you.

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I'm not your teacher, I'm a co-participant in your journey. 

My work and approaches allow realization, breakthrough and transformation in the same way that a midwife supports the emergence of a baby. There is no credit to be claimed, and all the results belong to the client.
— Ronald Chapman