Deep spiritual work requires and enables us to transform into a new version of ourselves.

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If you are letting your attachments to old ideas, feelings, and events hold you back, then it's time to release them in order to move forward.

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Some of the most important spiritual work we engage in, and often some of the most challenging work, is in relationships, both romantic and platonic.

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Seeing True Blog


About Seeing True:

Ron is on to something here, something that’s at the heart of all tradition, all philosophy. Ron guides us to the only place the answers truly are, WITHIN. If you’re ready to really embody yourself fully and get to the bottom of your suffering, Breathing, Releasing & Breaking Through is for you! Ron is a brilliant teacher, a very qualified mentor, and an all around great person to have on your team as you trudge your road to happy destiny. Now I have Ron right where I want him, in my pocket! Kudos to you my fellow trekker, thank you for being true to you.
— Susan Rees
What is the truth? What truly matters? “Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days” strives to help readers answer those questions instead of blindly lying to themselves and following whatever happens to guide them at that time. Discussing countless topics such as love, the difference between right and wrong, dealing with pain, and more, “Seeing True™” is a solid guide to finding what really matters. Highly recommended for community library spirituality collections.
— Midwest Book Review