Deep psychological and spiritual work requires and enables a new version of ourselves to be revealed and then to be realized.

Transformation is almost a miraculous thing, though it can become replicable and reliable. The heart of the problem is that initially we cannot see, or perhaps even imagine what it would be like to transcend something.  After all, if we’ve lived our entire life believing something to be true or seeing ourself or our world through a certain perspective, it can be quite difficult to imagine something beyond one’s reality.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge that one’s entire life and activities are often dependent on one’s personal paradigm. It’s been described as leaving a warm and well lit room to enter a dark hallway, uncertain what one will find in navigating the darkness. Regardless, there are echoes of our most heartfelt desires constantly calling to us. Notions like freedom, harmony, and unconditional love are our words for such echoes. And make no mistake, we must follow those callings.

Sometimes we can use these senses to guide us like tuning forks. At other times, we must be more deliberate as we move toward transcendence. Regardless, we cannot and should not ignore the callings of the Soul and the Visions of our Desire.

Have you recently had a major life change? Do you feel lost? Do you feel stuck and need to push through? Who would you be and what you would do after being transformed? What do the echoes and stirrings in your life suggest you are called to? What are you willing to relinquish in order to follow the call? How ready are you to realize what you can become?


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