The Story of Aaron

A Decade of Effort and the Bearing of Fruit

Aaron called me just a few days ago. While he and I talk regularly, and have for almost twelve years, this was no ordinary call. As his mentor and friend, we had been persistently and arduously working through several intractable life challenges for almost a decade. And on this day, Aaron was calling to report a breakthrough we had long sought.

I cannot describe the joy that shot through me. And I cannot really fathom how it felt for Aaron. With that much effort over that much time, as well as the inevitable fear that no solution would ever come, I can only imagine the inner change as an incredible experience for him.

This is the moment for which many of us labor... perhaps for which many of us live. Transformation affirms the certainty of hope and carries with it the satisfaction of self-mastery. Of course, it also resolves difficulties in our lives and brings forth countless possibilities. Who can argue against greater understanding and effectiveness in our lives?

It is for this that I have launched I can think of nothing more valuable than to share ideas that can bear the sweetest of fruit.

And to tell the truth, once you become engaged in it, the inquiry itself becomes deeply satisfying as well as being incredibly interesting. From that point, it just becomes fun.

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