An Update from a Spiritual Playground

Very recently a moment of great clarity came to me while in meditation and contemplation. I understood it by the feeling of it, and I likewise knew I needed to share it. Why? Because every thought is prayer, whether conscious or not, and the nature of the Universe is response to prayer regardless of what we believe about it or what we call it. Spirit is always listening, and always responding. To give voice is to acknowledge and to become aware.

There is grief that comes in realizing that the Soul’s greatest desires are beyond my mortal reach. I am not the demonstration the Heart calls me to be. I do not know the means for it to be realized, nor is it possible for me to know.

Masters say there is an element of Grace involved in profound awakening. They seem to all agree this Fate or Destiny is not ours to direct. Rather, we must patiently await the Opportunity to fall upon us.

I cannot speak for others, but I am convinced that a Calling exists for each of us. That we are intended to rise above ourselves, even if each such Invitation is unique to every one. And clearly I hear and feel it.

Yet the sorrow of hearing the Urge and being unable to overcome my self to experience it is difficult to bear. To see that my best skills, aptitudes, knowledge and willingness are insufficient is a crushing reality.

So I settle into this painful truth, breathe with the discomfort and embrace it as I fend off disappointment.

Always I try to keep my eyes cast Upward as I wait in quiet expectation.

Seeing True

In the end, all attempts are of the egoic self. And it is this self that must be abandoned. Strangely enough, in the end one must even abandon abandoning.

Seeing True in Action

Puzzling. If there is nothing a self can do to overcome itself, what then is the action to be taken?

To tell the truth of the matter. To cease fighting to achieve. To knowingly embrace it. To take what action that next appears. To somehow hold faithfully.