Dreaming and Dealing


When We Get What We Get,

What Do We Do With It?

It was a particularly curious conversation to which to be privy. Three friends in spiritual recovery were debating the merits of visioning though it unfolded in a number of notions: living by intention, co-creating your life, the fulfillment of your dreams, and so forth. Quite unlike my usual approach to engagement, I was simply listening as they were hammering each other with their thoughts.

By way of background, I do believe in the value of visioning, and goal setting, and creating intentions. In my professional life, I have seen over and over again the power of such activities. Yet I’m also a pragmatist. Much of what I’ve heard and read over the years does not seem to pass the test of reality. As with many matters, there are a great number of beliefs and positions, not so much in the way of actual demonstrated success. We do like to believe in what we believe. I’m also aware that the magic in any kind of planning or direction setting is in adjusting to reality as it appears. A plan without adaptation is fiction.

So it was that in a brief interlude between my friends’ strongly held thoughts I asked, “So how do you deal with getting what you get?”

Robert looked at me with a bit of a scowl. “Whaddaya mean?”

“Well, you’re advocating for creating your vision then holding the feeling of it as a kind of emotional mantra. If you stay true to that feeling, you’re saying it must surely manifest.”

“Yep, you got it, buddy.”

“Let’s be honest, Robert. You’ve been trying to materialize the ideal relationship for quite a few years. Doesn’t it seem like maybe something doesn't add up? How do you deal with the evidence that something is not manifesting?”

“Time takes time, man.” I laughed.

“Robert, that’s a crock. Listen, I’m not saying your visioning and affirmations aren’t useful, and maybe very effective, but what do you do with information that suggests something contrary? Just blowing it off does not seem spiritually valid.”

He shrugged as Danny and Nathaniel both jumped into the conversations with their theories. Before long the three had once again spun up the dialogue. It was as if my question could simply not be entertained.

Before long I had checked out of their debate as my own ruminations captured my attention. What does my experience tell me? That there is power in our dreams and desires. That every thought, conscious or not, is a prayer of its kind. That through some strange magic the world will conform to our perceptions, whether in fact or by interpretation. Especially I have seen the value of feedback from reality. If there is a mismatch between my vision and life as it manifests, there is something amiss within me. By incorporating reality-based information, the mischief in my motivations or perceptions is revealed. As I see more clearly, the contrast between dreams and reality grows less and less. The design of life and living really is magical.

Seeing True

Wayne Liquorman says, “We get what we get.” The most important question is, “What do we do with it?”

Seeing True in Action

What are your dreams and desires? Have you found a way to express them? What is your life manifesting at this moment? Does it align to your visions? In light of reality, what do the mismatches in manifestation tell you? Are you ignoring information or results?

Some will say, what do I do with these findings?

Therein lies the beauty of spiritual reality. All we have to do is see the truth. Everything else will be taken care of when clarity comes.