The Arc of the Spiritual


The Nature of Spirit is Toward Resolution and Wholeness

It was one of those strange and inexplicable moments. Dana was diligently following directions I provided to deepen her practice with breath work meditation. We were more than twenty minutes into an exercise that with each breath eased her a little more deeply into an expanding inner quiet.

I patiently watched her with a softened gaze, and could see greater and greater degrees of settling that emerged on her face. Though she remained upright, Dana’s posture showed signs of relaxing as well.

We had reached a point where she was obviously in a fairly deep meditative state, when suddenly there was a twitch of her head that was accompanied by a slight look of discomfort on her face. I watched her breathe more deeply several times before I gently inquired, “What just happened?”

Several more measured breaths followed before a thought composed itself. “I saw Jerry, my ex-husband, as he left for the last time.”

“And …” I prodded.

Long moments of breathing passed before Dana replied with eyes still closed. “And I realized all the grief I have held from his abandonment was not real.”

I watched her face for any further indications, until she whispered. “It’s not that I didn’t experience it as grief, it’s that the basis for it was not real.”

“Hmmm …” I responded, which was just enough of a nudge for her to continue.

“I never stopped loving Jerry, but it was hidden by the grievance I held.”

“And now …” I prodded again.

A soft smile came to her face. “No ill will. No harm. Nothing but peace.” Gentle tears slipped down her face as her breathing expanded.

I breathed with her for a time and smiled at her when her eyes fluttered open.

We watched each other’s eyes in a comfortable moment of closeness.

“What are you thinking … and feeling?”

She nodded very slightly as she considered the question. “That this is what it is to have clarity.” She paused and her eyes narrowed as she listened inwardly. “And freedom.”

Now I was nodding, which caused Dana to ask, “What just happened, Ron?”

I chuckled and collected the thoughts that came to me. “Dana, the nature of the world may be toward disintegration, but the nature of spirit is toward resolution and wholeness. The result is felt as peace.”

She shook her head. “So things are meant to heal. And grievances are meant to be released. But we don't even know we are holding accounts against others.”

“Or ourselves,” I added. “I’m reminded of some of the most compassionate words ever uttered by a spiritual master. It was Jesus when he said, ‘Father, forgive for they know not what they do.’ Which applies to each of us in its own way.”

Seeing True

When the truth is finally seen, all injury vanishes.

Seeing True in Action

There is always an opportunity for healing some wrong, whether it is real or only imagined. Search within yourself for those places within that are as yet unresolved. Bring your attention and your breath to them. Notice what becomes of them.

Updated May, 2017